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Hello From Isolation - A Hello and Welcome From Melissa Alison Events

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Hello! Mel here, owner and lead planner of Melissa Alison Events. I felt it was about time I started blogging with my business, and what better time to start than in isolation. Not going to lie, I'm loving this time at home, spending time indoors in the comfort of my own home. Going forward, I will endeavor to put out a regular monthly blog posting of all things weddings, and some of my ramblings!

Melissa working at her home desk
@ Grey Lily Photography

First, a little bit about me - I am originally from Perth, Western Australia, and am now a proud Canadian citizen. I originally moved to Victoria on Vancouver Island just over 10 years ago, where I met my better half Brendan. We moved to Calgary for a change of scenery and job prospects, and have been happily enjoying the unpredictable weather, delicious craft beer, and close proximity to the mountains for over 5 years. If you want to read more about me, my background and my favourite things – head here.

I started this company to fuel my passion for organizing and planning, and because weddings are just the best! I tear up at every wedding I have ever been involved with, as I think they are the most wonderful celebration of two people and two families coming together. I feel very lucky to be able to help couples navigate through their wedding experience, and to be there on their special day.

COVID-19 and Weddings

It has been difficult to see the impact COVID-19 has had in the community on a large scale, but closer to home, the stress and panic it has caused engaged couples with upcoming weddings. It is impossible to plan for this kind of global disaster, but with the help and support of fellow vendors in the industry, we have come together reassure and assist our clients to deal with this as best as possible.

I was personally affected by the restrictions in place due to the virus - we sadly had to postpone our own wedding. We were starting to get excited as the big day grew closer, with only a few months out to May 16th. After a year and a half of planning, we were both ready for the day to be here, to celebrate and become husband and wife. 

We made the decision to postpone our wedding day in early March, after hearing how fast the virus was spreading and as seeing the news that flights were affected, and international borders were closing. As an only child, it was important that my parents could attend our wedding from Australia, and this was simply not possible anymore. Postponing to the Fall was a lot easier than I had anticipated – although I went from denial, to angry, sad, to finally relieved once we locked in the new date. Our vendors were more than accommodating and were easily able to transfer our deposits to the new date. Within hours, we had a whole new wedding day booked and planned, and postponement messages sent to our friends and family. Most of our travelling guests were quite relieved in our decision, and happy that they no longer had to worry about possibly missing our big day.

I hope that things have settled come October, and that we will be able to enjoy the day as we envisioned from the beginning. The upside is that now we have more time to plan, save, get fit, and relax! Until then, I am crossing all my fingers and toes that we all stay safe and healthy, and are able to return to normal life as soon as possible.

If your wedding is possibly affected by COVID-19 and you would like to read more, my lovely friend Melanie, owner of the Alberta Wedding Social, has put together a helpful blog post with advice and information from local Alberta wedding vendors - check it out here.

Stay safe friends!




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