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Vendor Highlight - Lovenote Bride Calgary, Bridal Wear

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

3 ladies wearing wedding gowns

Say yes to the dress! This month we chat with Annie, General Manager of Lovenote Bride Calgary! Lovenote Bride design and create their gowns in their Vancouver headquarters, and have stores in Calgary, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. Their gowns are simply stunning, in our opinion, and feature designers Truvelle, Laudae and Aesling. We asked Annie for tips on wedding dress shopping, how to prepare for your appointment, and when to know if you’ve found ‘the one!’

Woman looking back in wedding gown

First question, tell us about you! How did you get into the wedding industry, and into

Lovenote Bride?

I went to school for fashion design in Vancouver and interned with Gaby (our founder and creative director) when she started the company, Truvelle, in her Gastown apartment. I got to help with cutting dresses and quality checking them. This was back in the summer of 2014-which was almost a year before the company started. Shortly after, I was hired full time and got to be a part of this amazing company that took off and grew! I worked out of the head office and oversaw the fulfillment department which was in charge of checking each and every dress and then

shipping them out. Over the years, we launched

a few more bridal lines including Laudae and Aesling. In the fall of 2018, I had the chance to move to Calgary and this became the perfect opportunity for the company to open a second flagship location and therefore rebrand the shop name and launch Lovenote bride in January of 2019.

Woman in wedding gown

What are your tips for those shopping for a wedding dress?

Have an open mind! Oftentimes, brides will come in with one idea and end up leaving with a different style than expected because they took a chance and tried on something surprising.

Try to know the names of silhouettes, necklines, and types of fabrics so that you can better convey what you would like to try on. If anything, having some photo or video references to go by would help!! Especially from the shop's social accounts because this would typically mean they have the dress on hand for you to try.

What can brides do in preparation for their appointment?

Check out our website! All the dresses we have are on there with details and pricing readily available. They can get an idea of what we have before coming in and maybe even having a list of dresses they'd like to try.

Bring a small supportive crew! We have seen a mix of entourages and some of the best ones have been just a mom or two friends who have encouraging feedback that is helpful and not overwhelming with mixed reviews.

Do you your hair and makeup similar to how you hope to do it for the wedding. This can often help when trying to envision the day! It doesn't have to be all out but enough to give you an idea of your overall look!

Wear nude underwear and if you plan on wear shape-wear, bring that along as well-again, this will help you get the whole look.

Make sure you eat! There is nothing worse than being hungry and trying to make a big decision PLUS trying on dresses is like exercise and can be tiring so you need the energy. Sometimes brides will make a comment about just having a big lunch before they came and I say, great! You'll be eating on your wedding day too so you might as well see how the dress will look!

When is the best time for a dress to be purchased, and to allow for alterations – what’s a timeline that you would suggest?

We suggest about 8-9 months before your wedding. Our gowns take 4-5 months to come in and we suggest 2-3 months for alterations. That all being said, gowns can be rushed for an added fee and brides can always speak to a seamstress about what their timeline is like as well! You can also shop with time to spare! This way, you can check the dress off your to do list early!

What bridal fashion trends do you see happening in 2023?

A big thing that people have fallen in love with has been statement add ons like sleeves, gloves, and overskirts that can be removed for different looks. We have a few sleeve options that our brides have loved because they can have them on for the ceremony and then take them off for the reception. It's a great way to feel a bit trendy but have the ability to take them off for a classic or timeless look!

We have also seen a lot of interest in more simple materials like crepe or especially satin!

Any other advice or tips for brides shopping and trying to decide on their wedding dress?

When you've tried on dresses and you keep thinking about one dress in particular, that's the ONE! No matter how many more dresses you keep trying on, you will continue to think about that one until it's yours. So once you find it, stop looking!

Also, try the veil! It is the one time you get to wear one so you might as well else see how it feels!

Woman in wedding gown celebrating


From their website...

“Lovenote Bride is both a design studio & a bridal boutique. We design and manufacture our wedding dress lines in our East Vancouver headquarters, and round out our Vancouver + Calgary boutiques with a curated selection of handmade accessories. We’re about individual style. We’re obsessed with quality. And we think wedding dress shopping should be fun. It’s nice to meet you”.

Check out their beautiful dresses at, and follow them @lovenotebride

Designers in order of photography - Lovenote Bridal, Aesling, Laudae, Truvelle


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