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Why Having an Engagement Photography Session is a Must!

Updated: Mar 29

Engaged couple holding one another

Unsure if you should have engagement photos taken? The answer is YES! There are so many reasons why having an engagement photography session is a must, besides getting to dress up, have fun with your best friend and have memories captured.

Engaged couple in woods

First of all, what better way to celebrate your engagement! You’re only engaged for such a short time – make the most of this exciting period. Schedule your makeup trial, wear some fun new outfits, and celebrate your love in a picturesque location. You can never have too many photos together, and it makes for a great date experience. After your engagement shoot, continue the fun with dinner and date night drinks!

Engagement photos allow you and your partner to get to know your photographer. You will be spending hours with your photographer on your wedding day, so what better way to start off the relationship by getting to know each other.

Melanie of Lily and Grey Photo Co agrees. “As a photographer, I think it is imperative that couples have an engagement session. It gives you the opportunity to connect with your photographer in front of the camera. It will help you to feel more confident, more comfortable and more relaxed! You'll know how your photographer works and what to expect on your wedding day. It's a priceless experience. Plus you'll have even more beautiful images to look back on of you and your partner, it's a win, win!”.

Engaged couple in mountains

Most photographers that offer wedding photography will include an engagement session within their packages. This give both you and your photographer the opportunity to have a ‘trial run’ before the big day, help you both become comfortable in front of the camera, and practice those smiles and poses!

And last but not least, once you have your engagement photos, you can also use these for your save the dates, wedding invitations or for your wedding website.

Engagement photos capture this special time in your relationship, so be sure not to bypass this opportunity!



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