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Considering a Winter Wedding? Why You Should Have a Snowy Ceremony!

Updated: Mar 21

Newlywed couple kissing in the snow

If you follow my Instagram, you know that I LOVE winter. I’m not sure if it was because growing up in Australia I had more than enough heat to last a lifetime, or if it’s just the calm beauty of waking up to a snowy morning, but I think winter is one of the prettiest seasons, and perfect for a wedding. We have some beautiful winter weddings lined up in 2023, but if you need more convincing, read on for our tips on why you should consider having a winter wedding.

Newlyweds in the snow

Snow makes for a beautiful backdrop. We are pretty lucky in Alberta to have both sunny skies and fresh snow on most days. A day with fresh snowfall makes for such a romantic setting for a wedding.

More availability and more affordable options. Weddings in the winter are in the off-season, meaning a lot of venues will have more affordable pricing and more dates available for you to choose.

Newlyweds on a snowy balcony

Romantic setting. A roaring fireplace, soft candles, warm blankets – having a winter wedding means you can utilize your décor to create a cosy, romantic setting for your guests. Set up a hot chocolate bar for guests to keep warm, and use rich, thick textures such as velvet, to add to the wintery feel.

Less stress about the weather. Believe it or not, if you know it’s going to be cold and snowy, you will stress less about your wedding day weather, as your wedding will most likely take place indoors. As I’ve written about in previous blogs, summer weddings in Alberta need to be mindful of sudden weather changes, and a plan B always needs to be in place. But if you’re planning for cold, inclement weather to begin with, you don’t need to stress about suddenly having to change plans!

Cheaper travel. And finally, travel is generally cheaper in the winter, which means your out-of -town guests will have more options for accommodation, especially if you are getting hitched in the Rocky Mountains.

Bridal party in the snow



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