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Why Hire a Day of Wedding Coordinator for Your Big Day!

Updated: Jul 12

It’s June already? This year is flying by, and even with the majority of my summer wedding clients having postponed to next year, I’m finding my weekends are quickly filling up as the days go by! Most of us are probably in the same boat, juggling work and life, family and friends. Now add to that being engaged and planning a wedding (round 2, thanks COVID), and that’s a whole lot of busy! But thankfully, wedding planners and coordinators can help you - hiring a wedding day coordinator can help you on the day itself, ensuring that after all of the months of budgeting, researching and planning, you can finally sit back, relax and fully enjoy your big day. If you’re a newly engaged couple, and wondering if you should hire a wedding day coordinator, here are some of the benefits that we can provide!

Floral boutonnieres on a wood window sill

Romantic floral table setting with candles

Let your family and friends celebrate, not work!

Don’t let your groomsmen sweat through their suits lifting tables and chairs for you! Don’t let your future mother in law set out centrepieces, and your bridesmaids flip the ceremony to the reception in their dresses! Sure – let them help if they insist on doing so – but a wedding day coordinator can do all of this (and more) to ensure your friends and family can relax, and fully enjoy the day as guests. From setting up décor, table settings, and signage, a coordinator makes sure everything is event ready, leaving your bridal parties to enjoy getting ready, and celebrating with the two of you!

Wedding day couple hugging in the woods

Your personal liaison

At Melissa Alison Events, we take on the role of coordinator from about 4 – 6 weeks out from the wedding date. Acting as a liaison for the couple, a coordinator can ensure that all previously hired vendors have the necessary supplies/equipment they need on the day, as per their contracts, ex. the DJ power requirements.

Coordinators may also manage week/day of deliveries and pick ups, as well as ensuring any permits or certifications are obtained well before the wedding day. Hiring a coordinator you can trust, means that they can make those last minute decisions on your behalf, should things go sideways at the eleventh hour!

Two wedding rings on a record player with flowers

Don’t sweat the little things

I pride myself on being one of those people who thinks about the things no one else does – which is probably means I’m a real pain in the butt to my fiancé and my friends! But who doesn’t need a person like that in their lives? A coordinator can help you deal with the little details that you simply do not have time to worry about on your wedding day. Safe keeping of the marriage certificate, the cards and gifts, which vehicle the décor will be stored in at the end of the night, snack and drinks for the couple/bridal party as they are getting ready… the list goes on!

So many little details can make a wedding that extra bit more special, if someone has the time to execute them – that’s what your wedding day coordinator is for!

Flowers in a jar on an aisle chair

Timeline management

Wedding timelines – all that effort to plan an entire day to the minute… to have them almost never go completely to schedule! Drunken uncle’s speech going on for too long, dinner service delays, line ups at the bar…but a coordinator can endeavor to ensure ahead of time that everyone knows the timeline, and does their best to stick to it.

A wedding day coordinator can play tough cop and ensure the venue, caterers, MC, DJ and photographer are fully aware of set time restraints, and can work together to make sure the night goes as smoothly as possible, as per the couples’ wishes.

A side kick to help you prepare

Although wedding day coordinators are hired primarily to help on your big day, we are generally available to help you in the lead up to your wedding too. Melissa Alison Events can assist with quality vendor referrals, last minute planning, as well as to just be there as a resource if you have any questions, or just need to vent!

Coffee meeting going over a schedule

Calgary has many amazing wedding coordinators and planners to chose from, with all levels of experience, styles and pricing. You just have to find the company and person that speaks to you and your style as a couple, and most importantly, someone that you trust!

Melissa Alison Events offers wedding day coordination, as well as partial and full wedding planning, should you need a little more help from the get go! Head over to our services page to see our packages and pricing.


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