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Pour Some Sugar on Me - Wedding Dessert Ideas and Inspiration

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Wood table with cakes, cookies, cupcakes

My sweet tooth is dreaming about desserts over here lately! The world of wedding desserts is a wonderful array of colours textures, and flavours, and the possibilities are endless. Some of the designs and options for desserts that I’ve seen recently are just beautiful, so much so that I’ve decided to add a cake to our ever changing wedding plans for this October (thanks covid-19). Now the hard part is to choose what kind of cake…

Now I’m hungry thinking about it…cupcakes, macarons, cakes, icecreams! While many venues offer a three course meal, including a dessert, don't be afraid to add more - something that represents you as a couple, your favourite guilty pleasure, or even a throwback to a dessert you had on a date together! If you are looking for an amazing bakery in the Calgary area to create your own wedding sweet treat, Alberta Wedding Social currently has three talented vendors for you to choose from – Bake My Day, Lemonberry Pastries and You Had Me At Cupcake!

Now, scroll on through for a visual treat to see my top picks for some delicious, unique and traditional wedding dessert ideas, that will be sure to delight your guests!

Dessert spreads


Waffle Bars


Ice Cream

Fruit Cups




Cannolis and Churros


French Macaroons

S'mores Bar


All images sourced from Pinterest



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