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Wedding Etiquette 101 - Common Questions Answered

Updated: Mar 26

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From the proper way to address invitations to navigating tricky seating arrangements, there's a lot to consider when it comes to wedding protocol. To help with some of these common concerns, we've compiled a list of some common questions about wedding etiquette!

Bringing a Plus One

Whether you should bring a guest to a wedding depends on the specifics of the invitation. If the invitation specifies that you may bring a plus one, then it's appropriate to do so. However, if the invitation does not mention bringing a guest, it's generally not acceptable to bring one unless explicitly permitted by the couple. Always respect the wishes of the couple getting married as indicated in the invitation. If you're uncertain, you can also reach out for clarification.

Children at Weddings

Likewise on bringing a plus one, if the invitation does not specify that children are invited, it's essential to respect the couple's wishes and make childcare arrangements. However, if you're unsure, it's acceptable to reach out to the couple for clarification.

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RSVPing to a wedding invitation is more than just a formality—it's an important part of wedding etiquette that helps couples plan their special day. When responding to an invitation, be sure to reply by the specified date. Clearly indicate whether you will attend or not, and if allowed, mention if you'll bring a plus one. Respect the couple's wishes regarding guests and follow any additional instructions provided in the invitation. Express your gratitude for the invitation, even if you're unable to attend.

Pay Attention to the Dress Code

Choosing the right attire for a wedding is crucial to showing respect for the couple and the occasion. Generally, it's best to opt for semi-formal or formal attire, depending on the dress code specified in the invitation. Avoid wearing white or anything that might overshadow the couple. It's also a good idea to consider the venue and time of day when selecting your outfit. Ultimately, aim to look polished, elegant, and appropriate for the celebration.

Be on Time

Punctuality is key when attending a wedding, as it demonstrates respect for the couple and their special day. Arriving on time ensures you don't disrupt the ceremony or any scheduled events. If you're running late, make every effort to notify the hosts or wedding planner. Being punctual allows you to fully participate in the festivities and shows your appreciation for being invited. Additionally, consider factors like traffic and parking when planning your arrival time. By being punctual, you contribute to the smooth running of the day and help create cherished memories for the newlyweds.

Unplugged Ceremonies

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Most couples have hired professional photographers and videographers to capture their special day. If the couple have asked for an unplugged ceremony, be respectful of this, and please put your phone away - better yet, turn it off completely, and enjoy the moment, sans technology.

Giving Gifts

Sending a gift to congratulate the couple is customary, whether you're attending the wedding or not. You can consider their preferences, registry, or contribute to their honeymoon fund. If unsure, a heartfelt card is always appreciated. Gifts should be sent before or after the wedding if attending, or within a reasonable timeframe if unable to attend. Ultimately, the sentiment behind the gift matters most, conveying your joy and well-wishes for the couple's future together. Giving cash is acceptable, especially if the couple prefers monetary gifts. Include a personal note or card to accompany the cash gift.

Following Venue Rules

Respecting the venue rules and guidelines ensures the safety and enjoyment of all guests. Be mindful of any rules regarding photography, noise levels, alcohol consumption, and dress code. Watch your behavior, avoiding disruptive actions and excessive drinking. Treat the venue with care, respecting the property and any provided amenities.

Sending Thank you Notes

Ideally, thank-you notes should be sent out within a few weeks of receiving a wedding gift. Personalized notes expressing gratitude for the specific gift and the guest's presence at the wedding are always appreciated.

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