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What is Wedding Management? Our Services Explained, and Why We Don't Offer True 'Day-of Coordination'.

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Our most frequently asked question that we hear from engaged couples reaching out is 'do you offer day of coordination service?'. And to that our answer is no, we offer Wedding Management...and let us explain why!

What is 'Day-of' Coordination?

True 'day-of' coordination would mean having us show up on a wedding day, with little previous information, to set up decor, help keep the timeline on track, and then tear down personal items at the end of the evening. While some companies do offer true day-of coordination (and kudos to them!), we prefer to offer more than just one day of service, and therefore start our take over around 2 months prior to your wedding day. In order to produce a seamless wedding day for our couples, we feel that we need much more time than one day, to gather venue and vendor contracts to review, create production schedules and timelines, review decor and design plans, and communicate with wedding day teams.

Why 'Wedding Management?

We use the term wedding management to describe what is essentially a month-of coordination package. We feel that this term better represents what services we offer, instead of referring to a time period of coordination. We start our coordination process MUCH earlier than your wedding day in order to manage your wedding as a whole, meaning that we take the stress off your plate in the months leading up to your big day.

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The Melissa Alison Events Process

Once our couples book with us, we offer a virtual 1 hour "power hour", which can be booked at any time with us. Couples can use this meeting to ask us anything and everything! Questions about budget, guest experience, timelines - you name it. Our couples love this extra meeting, as it fields any issues that may arise early on, and helps us provide that little extra bit of planning that a lot of couples need.

Then, at 2 to 3 months prior to the wedding date, we send you a final details questionnaire, asking for all the logistics information we will need to essentially take over the wedding planning process. We also ask for copies of contracts, design inspiration and any other documentation that will help us seamlessly execute the wedding day. We assign your coordinator for the day, and get started on managing those last few details for your wedding!

Upon review of the questionnaire, we use then use this information to create a production schedule - the star of our toolkit, which helps keep your wedding team on the same page. Everyone's whereabouts, tasks and times are listed in this document - which is thoughtfully put together with the individual input from each vendor. We make sure your DJ has enough time to set up and do sound checks; we make sure the beauty team will have you glam ready in time for your first look; and most importantly we make sure everyone is ready to go come ceremony time. Our experience allows us to create this timeline with the correct time allocations, and buffers, to make sure you have a relaxing yet structured day.

Around a week prior to the wedding, we send the finalized schedule to all vendors in your wedding team. We also send you helpful tips and reminders in the days leading up to your wedding, to reassure and help you both to make the most of this special day - things like packing a Tupperware container for that delicious left over wedding cake, and making sure your vows are ready to go!

The day before your wedding, we generally assist with your rehearsal run through of the ceremony, which we find is an integral part of making sure things run smoothly on the day. We can address any venue logistics issues at this point, as well as receive your personal decor items from you. If you're staying in a hotel, we relay these details to your vendor team (hair/makeup/photographer) so that there are no delays on the wedding morning.

Once the big day has arrived, our team will act as your point person on the day, managing the timeline and vendors, overseeing set up of your venue(s), and generally acting as your advocate to ensure you both have the best day ever! We que your musicians and officiants for the ceremony start, we help your wedding party and MC with their needs, and we always make sure that you and your partner have a drink waiting for you, upon your entrance into your wedding reception!

Whilst this just explains one fifth of everything that we manage for your wedding day, it hopefully clears up why the term 'day-of' coordinator just doesn't work for us - your wedding is much more than one day, and is representative of your marriage and hopefully a long, happy future together. Starting your journey on a positive note is so important to us, and we strive to make your wedding day as close to perfect as possible!

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