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Vendor Highlight - Matt from Hue Florals, based in Calgary

Updated: Mar 29

Florist looking at bouquet

Flowers - colourful, flowing, structured, monochromatic, romantic, or over the top - no matter what your idea of florals is, they are synonymous with weddings! This month on the blog we had the pleasure of chatting to one of our favourite local florists – Matt, from Hue Florals. Matt and I have worked together on two styled shoots this year, and both times he has blown me away with his talent, passion and amazing eye for floral design. Matt creates timeless and unique pieces for all of his clients, and you can truly see the love and dedication he puts into every single project he takes on. You can follow Matt on the gram at @hue.florals, and check out his website for more details at

How did you get into floral artistry?

When my dreams of being a classical clarinet player didn’t pan out the way I hoped, I searched for an art form that would fill my creative void. A few years back I attended a bouquet workshop and my passion for floral design began. I’ve taken private lessons and workshops throughout the years and also have worked in a flower shop to gain speed.

What is your favourite thing about being a florist?

Hard to choose just one! I absolutely love creating floral pieces and sourcing blooms - especially locally grown in Alberta. However making a connection with a couple is truly special. The connection inspires me to create! I also secretly love the rush and intensity of designing on-site. It’s exhilarating!

What are your favorite things to create with flowers?

Bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and large scale installations - particularly floor pieces.

What advice would you give to a couple who are unsure of what they’d like their wedding flowers to look like?

Instead of choosing a particular style, theme or “look” from Pinterest - choose your florist first. Every florist has their own unique design method. For example, for bouquets, I specialize in a-symmetrical natural designs made in a classic European hand tie spiral. Choosing the florist before a particular design style will ensure you are ultimately thrilled with your wedding flowers. Consulting with your wedding planner about the design is also a must!

During consultations I often receive photos of compact designs - when really the client is looking for a loose garden style design. When looking through Pinterest or a gallery I encourage clients to look at the shape of the design instead of the florals used or colours selected. Every flower has its own unique tone and hue, and florists are experts in helping you choose the florals to exceed your desired colour and design!

70's long floral centrepiece on table

What should couples expect when they reach out to you to be their potential florist?

I like to respond as soon as possible with a quick “run down” of what I could create. If the client is satisfied with the initial floral design summary I present an estimate of charges and schedule a call to chat more about the design and in particular to suggest the florals to be used.

After the phone call I send out a full design proposal with colours, a mood board and suggested florals to be used. If I receive the go ahead from the client I issue a contract and request a deposit for approximately 25% of total charges. Depending on when we could schedule a call, the entire process takes 1-2 weeks




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